Bell Tone Inscription Weight (without yoke)
Anthony von Mandl Ab3 Founded by Anthony von Mandl-Maldenau 1972
Vision Creation Quest Relentlessness Catalyst Care Legacy
1164 lbs
Martin von Mandl (father) Bb3 In Memoriam Martin Julius Mandl von Maldenau 1909 1994
Heritage Humility Truth Honour Reflection Fulfillment
844 lbs
Bedriska Mandl-Schlesinger (mother) C4 Dedicated to Bedriska Mandl-Schlesinger 1999
Purpose Courage Preservation Discernment Dignity Progression
612 lbs
Elizabeth Patricia Hoffmeister (sister) Eb4 Dedicated to Elizabeth Patricia Hoffmeister 1999
Dedication Principled Profundity Commitment Selflessness Enigma
380 lbs